Accelerate Logistics Success with Faster, Smoother Integrations.

New partnership helps freight brokers rapidly deploy game-changing technology

Eroding profit margins of transportation and logistics companies leaves no room for error. Any mistake that wastes time and money or creates missed opportunities is extra costly in this environment.

Speed, accuracy, and visibility of information are essential to generate a profit in this high-stakes business. IT systems that limit performance are detrimental to success, like a transportation management system (TMS) needing vital features or access to data.

Replacing a TMS is often too expensive and disruptive to consider. Fortunately, there is a better option: using a cloud-based platform that connects your TMS with best-in-class solutions and extends its capabilities with customizable software components.

Such a platform is offered through a Parade and Tranztec partnership. Freight brokers can quickly and successfully integrate Parade’s capacity management system with their TMS solutions. Besides getting a fast and smooth deployment of this game-changing technology, brokers can use Tranztec’s cloud-based integration platform to view, manage, and automate the entire lifecycle of freight transactions.


Unlocking the Power of System Integrations

Parade uses the Tranztec Connect integration platform to help customers quickly deploy an AI-powered capacity management solution. Freight brokers using the solution can automatically send available loads and “Book Now” offers to multiple carriers. Bid responses and acceptances from Carriers flow through Tranztec Connect directly into their TMS for instant visibility.

Tranztec Connect facilitates real-time data exchanges and gives motor carriers and freight brokers access to Tranztec Extend, a customizable web portal with powerful visibility and workflow solutions for shipment tracking, load planning, customer and driver communications, and more.

Tranztec Extend is an easy-to-use web portal for optimizing the flow of information with custom dashboards and workflows. The portal offers users all the information they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Apply filters, create if-then-else functions, embed related web pages like load boards into custom workflows, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Tranztec Connect instantly updates the data in your custom portal when data is updated or changed in your TMS. Likewise, when users use a function in the portal, such as dragging a load from a card from one column to match it with an available driver or truck in an adjacent column, the data is updated in the TMS.


Realizing the Full Potential

The SaaS-based integration and visibility solutions of Tranztec help freight brokers unlock the full potential of existing technology to operate with more speed, accuracy, and efficiency by:

  • Improving User Experiences:

Tranztec’s pre-built connections and customizable software components give companies the ultimate freedom and flexibility. You will have greater access to information, visualizations, and workflows that function precisely how you want them to. Pricing analysts, load planners, dispatchers, and other users can work more efficiently and avoid mistakes. Similarly, freight brokers using Tranztec Extend can give customers and business partners a customizable web portal to automate rating, bidding, documentation, shipment tracking, and other processes.

  • Expanding Connections:

Tranztec Connect gives you access to a broader ecosystem of technology solutions that integrate seamlessly with your TMS to increase automation and visibility. Tranztec Extend creates opportunities to share data with customers and carriers who do not use electronic data interchange (EDI) or other system-to-system communications. For example, a freight broker could use pre-built software components of Tranztec Extend to deploy a custom app for its carrier partners who prefer smartphone-based interactions.

  • Automating workflows:

Tranztec Extend is much more than a reporting tool. The dynamic interface connects with TMS applications and uses conditional workflows created with a visual programming editor. For example, a freight broker could use Extend to create a polygonal geofence around a customer location to have the system automatically update the TMS with arrival data and prompt the driver to complete a digital form, capture a document, and complete other location-specific tasks.

  • Preventing Disruptions:

The web-based integration layer, Tranztec Connect, prevents disruptions when companies need to replace or update third-party systems that integrate with their TMS platforms. With Connect, integrations are ready from day one, rather than waiting on vendors to certify an integration before you can replace a system, such as an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) or fuel card vendor. This approach makes it easy and affordable to keep technology current.


Build a Competitive Advantage with the Partnership

Freight brokers can protect and grow their margins with powerful system integrations and custom applications that enable them to have faster, more precise, and more effective processes. The Parade and Tranztec partnership gives companies the game-changing advantages of deploying advanced capacity management and other technologies more quickly and smoothly than ever.

For more information about the benefits of the partnership to freight brokers, contact Parade. Have you been wanting to revitalize your TMS and supporting business systems? Contact Tranztec to learn more about using the power of its cloud-based integration platform and customizable web portal.