Unlock Efficiency with the Power of Seamless Integration

“Set it and forget it,” said no one in trucking and logistics, ever.

Change is the only constant. To stay competitive in this dynamic industry, businesses must have greater agility and adaptability in all areas.

Many companies are falling behind with technology. They may be running back-office and mobile systems in legacy mode and supporting outdated technology and processes. Evidence is found in numerous workarounds and visibility gaps for systems in load planning, dispatching, shipment tracking, customer and driver communications, among other functions.

Falling behind the eight-ball in technology has far-reaching impacts. What, then, is the best way to unlock efficiency from an outdated and underperforming system like transportation management software (TMS)?


Rip and Replace? Not So Fast

Overhauling a TMS system is rarely the most efficient solution, as tempting as it may seem. The potential costs and risks of disruption are staggering. Fortunately, there’s a better path to consider.

Technology providers and transportation companies can integrate previously disconnected systems quickly and seamlessly. This path eliminates redundant work, freeing time and resources to propel innovation and enhance productivity.

One of the fastest, most affordable paths to unlock efficiency in transportation is with a cloud-based integration platform. With this essential tool, disparate systems and data siloes disappear by using a platform that translates, reformats, and normalizes data exchanges in real-time.


Unlock Efficiency with Technology Integration

Companies that use the integration platform can skip ahead of vendor wait lines to quickly capitalize on opportunities. Using real-time information and newfound system capabilities enables more rapid response to customer needs and user demands.

Take the example of ISAAC Instruments, an ELD and mobile fleet management technology provider. The company utilizes the Tranztec Connect integration platform to offer plug-and-play functionality with all leading TMS providers. The strategy gives fleets a fast and seamless onboarding experience.

ISAAC Instruments offers carriers a comprehensive driver workflow that leverages every available API from its platform to share real-time information. TMS integrations from ISAAC eliminate repetitive tasks for fleet customers, simplifying the work of drivers and frontline office staff.


Discover how ISAAC Instruments uses Tranztec Connect to give customers integrated workflows and a seamless onboarding experience.


Championing Integration: Challenger’s Success Story

One of North America’s largest cross-border transportation providers also found its golden ticket with Tranztec Connect. Challenger, a Cambridge, Ontario, Canada-based fleet, uses the platform to unify various in-house and external platforms for customers, office staff, and drivers.

The company uses the platform to outpace competitors by propelling innovation and increasing efficiency.


The Far-Flung Impacts of Integration

Challenger has unlocked a host of efficiency benefits with Tranztec Connect:

  1. Seamless Acquisitions. Having seamless, plug-and-play integrations speeds the process of merging data from companies with different systems. Challenger recently acquired a 100-truck fleet out of Windsor, Ontario, that used a completely different TMS and ELD platform. Tranztec Connect allowed for easy data integration from the acquired company, enabling Challenger to give customers a one-stop web portal for tracking shipments and other self-service functions.
  2. Extended Automation. With Tranztec Connect, Challenger has automated communications, invoicing, and other tasks with real-time system data exchanges. This significantly reduces manual workload and frees employees to focus on more critical and rewarding tasks. As a cross-border carrier, Challenger is using the platform to integrate its TMS with an electronic trade clearance system to pre-clear loads and process alerts without manual work. The connection streamlines the steps required to cross loads and improves information sharing to eliminate wasted time at the border for drivers.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience. Challenger’s improved access to real-time information enables it to respond more rapidly to customer demands. The integration platform syncs data between applications to automate customer shipment tracking updates and reports. Automating tasks combined with better access to data gives staff more time to solve problems and make better decisions.


 Learn more about the transformative power of Tranztec Connect for fleets with our new whitepaper "The Challenger Model for Tech-Driven Innovation"


Tranztec Connect: The Bridge to Efficiency

Embracing integration is no longer an option for technology and transportation providers. It's an essential pathway that leads to higher efficiency and achieving the full potential from new and existing technology investments. 

Tranztec Connect offers a standardized solution for system integrations. The plug-and-play functionality minimizes setup time, allowing businesses to modernize data flows and achieve near-immediate ROI.

Fast, straightforward setups let fleets skip vendor wait times and integration limits. Tranztec Connect delivers end-to-end visibility by syncing systems over the road and inside the office. In an industry where time is money, the platform is the catalyst to unlock success by making your data and systems more manageable and robust.

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